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Trust Tracker

Online gaming operators, forex brokers and trading platforms are under more scrutiny than ever. Building verifiable trust with customers is now one of your biggest challenges.

TrustTracker uses the latest blockchain technology to empower customers by allowing them to independently validate the result of every spin, bet or trade.

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Single Wallet Solution

Online casinos are losing too much value during player onboarding, while customer churn rates have never been higher.

One wallet, one registration process, infinite possibilities. Single currency, no gas, stable and near instant transactions. And you can offer players multiple gaming brands from a single wallet, reducing churn and simplifying onboarding.

Bankroll Manager

Integrating cryptocurrency payments brings incremental growth… and regulatory headaches. But there is another way.

The Bankroll Manager enables you to track activity across your ecosystem with complete security and transparency. And best of all, you can offer fully compliant blockchain-based payments to your customers.

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