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ASG Blockchain Products

When we formed ASG Blockchain, we did so with one thing in mind. Developing a suite of blockchain-powered products that could be used. In the real world. By real people. We’ve spent the last couple years working toward that goal, and now we’re ready to let the world know.

Meet the ASG team, a group of developers and tech heads brought together by a shared passion for this new technology.

We are a tech-first organisation with a deep understanding of blockchain, and a determination to build upon its clear potential.

ASG Blockchain is a close-knit team that has ridden the crypto roller coaster since its early days. We are led by our co-founders John Caldwell and Duncan Cameron, and our CTO Andre Jochems.

John previously spent more than a decade in the gaming industry, where he was the first CEO and editor-in-chief of leading affiliate PokerNews.com before serving as a director for gaming giant PokerStars.

Also with a Pokerstars background, Duncan has led some of the most ambitious technical projects in the online gambling world. He managed the development and launch of the PokerStars Mobile App – PS Mobile – which was responsible for the company receiving eGaming Review’s ‘Mobile Operator of the Year’ award. Duncan also managed the development of PSLive – PokerStars’ proprietary live events management and reporting system, which is still in use today.

Andre Jochems is the CTO and has years of experience in C/C++/C#, Java, Angular and Node.js focusing on security. Since 2013, Andre has been developing blockchain projects, and has a deep understanding of cryptography, hashing algorithms and peer-to-peer networks.

Supporting John, Duncan and Andre is an international team of development, marketing and operational expertise that has bonded over a desire to build great, accessible technology. We are a globally distributed team, which has its challenges. However, the mantra from day one has been: find people with deep passion and experience, and make the logistics work.

Recently, we launched a suite of products that are ready, tested and designed from the ground up to work together.

This includes not only expected applications like desktop and mobile wallets, but unique products like our proprietary network incentive system and our Oculus visual block explorer. More detail on all our products is to come in the following weeks and months.

We can also deploy custom tokens on our network, with metrics and economics tailored to specific business needs. Tokens can be used as in-game currencies, as the basis for an online rewards system, or basically in any case that requires a quick and easy way to transmit and track value.

These individual components are building blocks that, together, can plug and play with our primary solution meaning we can deploy full tested systems faster and more easily than most teams.

We love working with like-minded teams that want to solve problems in their organization or industry by creating workable solutions that creative utilise powerful new technology.

ASG Blockchain is already working across a diverse range of sectors, including banking, freight and gaming. Our international team is spread across the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, ensuring we have the local knowledge to help projects succeed, regardless of market.

While we always have one eye on the future, ASG is very much focused on delivering blockchain technology that can make a difference today. Join us on our journey.

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