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We are a team of longtime blockchain and crypto developers that have been active in the space since 2011. We’ve spent the last two years building products that we believe will bring real world usability to the blockchain space. With a focus on UX, and a mindset that prioritises regulation and compliance, our products can function individually or within a single ecosystem. Our model allows each product to operate in an open or closed environment, with proprietary modules that can ‘plug and play’ on to our main solution. This offers us the flexibility to deploy tested solutions with speed and ease across a wide variety of use cases.

The primary products operate on our own blockchain, which gives us the ability to create custom tokens. Each token will utilise the same plug and play feature set as the main ledger.

We customise solutions prioritizing the ‘three S’s’ – security, stability, and speed – above all else.

what we can do for you

Custom Blockchain Solutions
Our distributed ledger system can create either a centralised or decentralised environment based on your needs. This is a significant discussion which hopefully can avoid the question “but what does decentralisation really mean?” Our network is not only fully tested, but live and deployed, and one of the fastest blockchains available today.
Desktop Wallet
Our native wallet is a custom built product with the highest grade encryption; is live and operational, and can be customised to meet customer needs. The ‘light’ version of this wallet has the basics to manage interactions with the blockchain. Add on features ranging from a suite of back office reporting tools to something as simple as a paper wallet generator are all available.
Mobile Wallet
Our bespoke mobile wallet combines security, functionality, and a simple and intuitive UI; all the necessities you need in today’s mobile-focused world. Additional feature sets such as KYC integration, timed transaction controls, spend controls and other unique features can make this a powerful tool for nearly any use case. Both Android and iOS versions are ready.
Omni™ Wallet
Our Omni™ Wallet has a feature set developed for ease of use, security and transparency. This product easily integrates into third-party KYC providers to offer the most flexible solution while keeping KYC requirements front of mind. We’ve built the product within AMLD5 guidelines, and with full transactional transparency that is easily viewable for non-technical people via our Oculus™ Visual Block Explorer - developed for regulators with their input.
Network Incentive System
We believe this is the only system that can distribute transaction fees out to system operators while increasing network stability. The Network Incentive System allows users to run a second-layer network node that sits above the validation node base layer. This second layer increases network stability and automatically rewards the operator with a portion of the network transaction fees without the messy conflict of interest, energy consumption or regulatory problems associated with ‘mining’.
Oculus™ Visual Block Explorer
A standard block explorer can be a pretty intimidating visual and user experience for someone who isn’t familiar with what a block explorer is and how powerful it can be if used properly. We spent a year working with regulators in both the Financial and Gaming sectors - asking them what was important in terms of information and the presentation of that information. Oculus™ is the result of those sessions.
POS Voucher System
Our voucher system is a custom built Point of Sale/Transaction system that allows vendors to print QR vouchers that then can be redeemed by the user. This system can make any land-based transactional structure blockchain ready. The system includes a back office software package to monitor and track all transactions in real time.
Our custom built QDash™ reporting and information software provides ‘one glance’ topline information in real time for key management decisions, as well as offering complete flexibility and an intuitive sense of how these systems can and should work.
The QDash™ system can be integrated into any of our offerings and give real time metrics based on desired outputs.
Other Features
KYC & AML On Chain Transaction Functionality
On Chain/Ledger Escrow Functionality
Sub Token Creation Functionality
OUR team
Co-Founder - Commercial
Co-Founder - Technical
Lead Developer
Head of PR
Technical Project Management
General Counsel
Marketing & Operations
Digital Marketing
Product Marketing

We have a thriving horde of developers scattered across three continents: Europe, South America, and Asia. Developer info is made available once the project scope is clear.

how it works

We’re pretty user friendly. Feel free to reach out by emailing us at hello@ASG.im and provide a description of your need. The more info you offer, the better!

Alternatively, if you want a faster reply, fill in our submission form. This form has just enough specifics to provide us with the info we need. We try to get back to everyone within 72 business hours, but often it’s much quicker than that.

If your goal is an ICO/STO in an unregulated market – that’s not our bag, but we thank you for stopping by!

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