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No hype. No speculation. No revolution. We’re focused on delivering products which provide real-world business solutions.

Trust Tracker

Online gaming operators, forex brokers and trading platforms are under more scrutiny than ever. Building verifiable trust

Single Wallet Solution

Online casinos are losing too much value during player onboarding, while customer churn rates have never been higher.

Bankroll Manager

Integrating cryptocurrency payments brings incremental growth… and regulatory headaches. But there is another way.

Meet The Team

ASG combines unparalleled expertise across blockchain, gaming and fintech.

John Caldwell


Duncan Cameron


Andre Jochems

Lead Developer

Daniel Keller

Technical PM

Shoba Haridas

Head of Operations


Our products are used in several industries


We’re helping online gaming operators tap into the multi-billion-dollar cryptocurrency segment, while utilizing the latest blockchain technology to improve everything from customer churn to player trust.

Forex / Fintech

Our XRP-based blockchain is one of the only ledgers that can handle the vast volume of transactions trading platforms demand. Our products are designed to build trust and engagement among your customers.


Our bespoke blockchain-based tokens can help retailers build the next generation of loyalty scheme, and enjoy increased customer engagement along the way.


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